Inspired Pieces.

Inspired Spaces.

We began 30 years ago as a distributor of handwoven rugs. What we saw in those rugs—their weaves, their knots, the pattern of their colors—were stories of their origin and the artisans who created them. It was in this moment of recognition and inspiration that Classic Home was truly born and when we started our dedicated pursuit of inspired pieces, each created by artisans who transform raw materials into personal expressions of style.

The initial flash of inspiration that created Classic Home guides and sustains us still as we curate singular collections of furniture, pillows, rugs, and bedding. These pieces, whether reclaimed from centuries old buildings or woven from hand harvested river reeds, each have a history and a story unlike any other. These stories are preserved and passed on to you through the artistry and craftsmanship of our collections. The grain of our solid wood furniture, the patterns of our loomed wool rugs, and the embroidery found on our pillows and bedding each contribute to a larger and personal narrative that can be told in countless ways, each more inspiring than the next and each made to be uniquely yours.