High Point Market
October 18 - 23 • IHFC D-443

Our lifestyle looks create on-trend spaces using a curated blend of our handcrafted furniture, textiles and rugs. No matter what pieces you purchased at market, we can help you pair them together to create a cohesive look your customers will love. Browse the looks below for inspiration and call your account manager to start your own inspired spaces.




Follow your bliss to the calming interiors of Desert Modern. White walled rooms filled with light wood furniture and concrete finish pieces mirror the desert’s serene landscapes. Textiles with sunset-inspired colors and native patterns add touches of bohemian charm. Soothing vibes come easily with dried floral arrangements and our handwoven rugs, completing spaces that remove you from the hustle of modern living. Find your style oasis among the clean-lined designs of Desert Modern.

Explore our latest trend at High Point Market
October 18 - 23 • IHFC D-443



Celebrate the outdoors with sustainably sourced wood furniture, exposed grain, and natural fiber textiles. Northwest Origins pairs nature inspired colorways and textures with mid-century designs to create inviting sanctuaries.


Downtown Escape

Elevate city living with dark wood pieces, metallic accents, and leather upholstery. Textured rugs and select fabrics provide a final, elegant touch.


Coastal View

Bring relaxation and comfort to the fore with plush seating and whitewashed woods. Stonewashed textiles and natural fiber rugs add color and texture to this refreshing look. 


Nouveau Traditional

Relax in the comfort of classic forms blended with contemporary materials. Upholstered seating, hand finished wood furniture and floral-patterned textiles bring an updated look to familiar favorites.


Modern Farmhouse

Create the warmth and comfort of well-loved spaces with our reclaimed wood tables and slat back seating. Neutral rugs and textiles add that unforgettable last touch.